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My name is Karyn Stillwell and I’m a manufacturers representative; I specialize in full service custom apparel production in the imprinted Souvenir, Sport, and Resort categories.



I work with a few select garment manufacturers in Asia, Latin America and the USA to source the perfect garment. I also work with a wash and dye house in Mexico that specializes in unique washes and botanical dyes. Each factory is WRAP certified, ensuring high social and environmental ethics are maintained.



I oversee the entire process of custom apparel production—from initial contact and concept development to production and delivery. I’m in touch with the manufacturers on a daily basis so you don’t have to be. Our capabilities are vast. Bring me a tech pack or browse a diverse assortment of unique garments. From specialty washes and botanical dyes to innovative fabrics and embellishment, from screen printing to sublimation, from fashion forward garments to sleepwear, I can create or source the garment you are looking for. Your complete satisfaction is my top priority.




I’ve worked with some great people and fantastic companies. My client list includes Hard Rock Cafes and Hotels, Harley Davidson, Disney, Coca Cola, Maui and Sons, New Era, Nordstrom and Buckle stores. I’ve worked with licensees for Major League Baseball, the NFL, and major Colleges and Universities. I've sourced garments for National Park gift shops, Las Vegas casinos, Cirque Du Soleil, the National Rodeo Federation, and the Country Music Awards. Will your company be the next to join my list?


About Stillwell Sales US

Stillwell Sales is a family business. I began working with my father, Randy Stillwell, about 5 years ago. Randy has logged over 35 years in the T-shirt business and I couldn't have asked for a better mentor. He's a legend in the industry. We made a great team and when he moved overseas, I continued carrying the torch. He's still a close advisor (and my biggest fan).

I love working with people and I admit, I also love clothing. A good t-shirt is universally appreciated-it’s a commonality between people of all walks of life. The humble t-shirt connects us.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity to do this work and I have my Dad to thank for that.




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